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This is an active QC simulator, which provides a programming interface, as well as a programmer's visual model, for QC operations. It's not finished yet, but you're welcome to browse. Please send any feedback or questions to qc@machinelevel.com.

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If you're looking for the original "Notes/Whitepapers" page, it's here.


If you're looking for the MCQMC 2016 examples, they're here:
A video of the SIGGRAPH 2016 presentation can be found here.
...and all of the examples used in the presentation can be run here:

QCEngine is a quantum computation simulator which exists to give software engineers an intuitive understanding of what quantum computers can actually do, and how to use them. My secret evil plan is to kickstart innovation by putting good tools and information into the heads of thousands of clever engineers.

Try it out

There's no installation. You can type any JavaScript program right here, and just run it.
For a list of commands, see the Quick Reference Guide.

For a better editing environment, try the QCEngine Workbench page!

Documentation and Examples

Relevant Whitepapers

These are written in a casual style, intended to be informal and easy to read. They also contain functional interactive links.

Less-Relevant Whitepapers

This is really just for fun.