QCEngine SIGGRAPH 2016 Examples

This page contains exercises and examples for people interested in programming quantum computers, as presented at SIGGRAPH 2016.
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Video of the SIGGRAPH talk/demo

To run the examples shown in the talk, just scroll down and click "Run this"

Quantum Supersampling (SIGGRAPH 2016) from Eric Johnston on Vimeo.

Some Useful Links

Note: These links were quickly posted during talk prep. If there's more you'd like to see, please feel free to send me a note

Part 1.1: Two-qubit example

workshop link

Part 1.2: Four-qubit Example

workshop link

Part 1.3: Parallel Math Example

workshop link

Part 1.4: Grover Example

workshop link

Part 2.1: Quantum Fourier Transform Example

workshop link